Papers, articles and books I have written in the last few years.


Robust Streaming Data Pipelines through Model Driven Development

Financial Data Marketplaces.

LLMs and APIs.

Final Report for Certificate in Quantitative Finance.

A Real Time Architecture for Smart Energy Management published by IEEE.


Bug Byte.

How many loops can you slither around?.

Calculating distance from GPS data using elementary mathematics.


Solving Logic Puzzles using Mathematical and Constraint Programming.

Challenging Mathematics Problems for High School Students - Book 1.

My solutions to the Riddler puzzles.

My solutions to the problems in the famous book Problem-Solving Through Problems by Loren C. Larson.

My solutions to the problems in the SQL Practice Problems book.

Solving Challenging Problems using Mathematica.

A fun book I created showing the evolution of Telugu film posters over time.

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